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Privacy Policy:

This website uses Google Analytics, like millions of other websites.

Google analytics collects information about site visitors (that's you!) - like an advanced hotel guestbook.

It records things like what website you got here from, how much time you spend on this website, what make and model of device you're using, and a heap of other stuff.

I get to look at this information in aggregate. That means that I cannot connect anything collected with you as an individual. All I can see is that I had a visitor from Malta that spent 10 minutes on the site, looked at 15 pages (and which pages). Sometimes this might also include your approximate age or gender. But there is no information that will tell me that you're H. Simpson of 42 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield, Ill. nor can the information be connected to any other information you share on other websites. None of this data is stored on Armigerous Descents' servers or in any of our databases.

For more information you can see the Google Analytics Terms of Service.

If you want to opt out of tracking you can use Google's advertising tracking cookie opt out or install a browser plug-in that opts you out of all Google Analytics tracking.

Because this is a genealogcially focussed website, it stores personal information about people. Some living individuals are represented, generally because of a public interest as in the case of currently living celebrities, members of the aristocracy of any nation, politicians and other people in the public eye. If you or someone you know has been included in the database and you wish to have the record removed, then please do alert us by using the contact form and the records will be removed forthwith.


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